Because You Aren't Autistic


White privilege definitaly involves being able to afford using your disability as an excuse for your actions. Its so common that as a poc with disabilities, i still get white people with the very SAME ONES bringing it up to me to try to weasle out of responsibility for the racist/ignorant shit they do or say. Sorryyyy not going to fly. And its really funny how these same people can recognize shit like sexism and how ND boys use their neurotype to avoid admitting theyre just blantly sexist, or shit like that, or the fact that you can be ND and still pick up on stuff like sexism=bad or ableism=bad but somehow the first thing they do (autistics espescially) is use their neurotype to defend themselves from acknowledging that they are racist. And y’all KNOW that this white privilege at play and you KNOW that we’re the same neurotype but somehow??? you still think its ok? idk. Sick of that

He’s black, male and autistic," she says. "[I] never know if he’ll be accosted. You ask questions later and you shoot first. It’s happened too many times all over this nation.
Lorraine Spencer, about her son Jermaine, “For Parents Of Young Black Men With Autism, Extra Fear About Police” (via disabilityhistory)


this is a good time to remind you not to call the police on someone having a panic attack or an autistic person having a meltdown or someone with a psychiatric disorder that is “acting crazy” save a life don’t do it




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you know, i dont really appreciate the comments on here telling people its ok to cut addicts out of your life if they are abusive. thats true for all abusers. by adding that to a post about how addicts are just as human as non addicts, you are furthering the stereotype of addicts being inherently abusive.

and its actually not ok to judge all addicts as abusive before you know them. not wanting to be in a relationship with someone with these kinds of difficulties is understandable, but if you stop talking to all addicts because some are abusive, yeah that is still ableism.

At this point the ingroup has already determined that:

1. Autism is the enemy.
2. People with Autism are ‘absent’, ‘stolen’, ‘soulless’ and otherwise subhuman.
3. Autism makes people dangerous.
4. Anyone with Autism who denies that Autism is the enemy is also the enemy.
5. Autism can “get you”, any time, any where, any one- it must be stopped.
6. Autism must be eradicated, by any means necessary.

And, in its twisted logic, the conclusion is clear: the life of a person with Autism is not equivalent to the life of a person who does not have it. How, then, is it difficult for them to conclude that:

7. Violence towards those with Autism, in the efforts of eradicating Autism, is justifiable.

And just like that, the moral paradigm has shifted, and what would have been considered horrific under any other circumstance is considered completely “understandable”.


So much yes in this letter to the editor. Short and beautifully written.


CD is short for Chlorine Dioxide and MMS is short for miracle mineral solution - its a dangerous potent bleach that has caused deaths and serious illnesses. This product is marketed towards parents of autistic children - they are made to drink it orally, as ear drops, sprays and enemas. Those that advocate bleach as a “cure” for autism believe there is parasites and worms in autistic children ‘s bodies and to be rid of the worms the children have to be treated with bleach. If you want more information you can support our page and follow the links.

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Tw: Includes discussions of the murder and abuse of autistic people.

Article by Lydia Brown


do not hate the people who attempt to appear neurotypical as a defense

hate the people that make it necessary

"I hope that I will live one heartbeat longer than she does"


Content warning: This post is about sentiments leading to murder of people with disabilities. Proceed with caution.

At an autism conference recently, I heard the father of a 20 year old autistic man say in his speech to the whole conference, “I hope to live one heartbeat longer than he does. I’m sure many of you feel the same way about your children.”

That sentiment gets people killed. If you are the parent of a disabled child and you say things like this, it is a matter of life-and-death importance that you stop talking this way. The father who said this is probably entirely correct that many of the other parents in the audience felt the same way. I have heard this sentiment expressed by many other parents of children with disabilities (not just autism.)

Parents who hope to outlive their autistic children are talking about people who, barring tragedy, will almost certainly outlive their parents. Autism does not limit lifespan; most autistic people should live to be old. If you hope to outlive your autistic child, it means that you are hoping that their life will be tragically cut short. It means you think they’re better off dead than they would be living without you. That’s dangerous.

It’s not true. Nobody is better off dead. It is not a blessing to die young. Expressing a desire for someone to die young is not love. (People who say this may well love their children in other ways, but this sentiment is not love.)

Please stop implying that your child will be unable to live and be happy after you die. People just like your child live on in adulthood after their parents die, and your child can too. And they will have a much easier time of it if you accept that they will outlive you, and help them to prepare for their life without you.

The only way it’s likely to live a heartbeat longer than your autistic child is if you kill them and then yourself. Many parents who feel this way do exactly that. And, even if you would never kill your child, people who are considering committing murder can hear what you say. If you say that you hope to live a heartbeat longer than your child, it makes the murder that is the only way this can plausibly happen seem like a much more legitimate choice. Don’t give potential murders that kind of encouragement.

In the disability community, we observe a day of mourning and read a list of people with disabilities murdered by caregivers.

The list is long. And it’s only a list of the names we know. There are many others who died without making the news. 

I hope and pray that your child never ends up on this list. I hope and pray that they outlive you and have a happy and meaningful adulthood. I hope and pray that this list never gets any longer. 

One murder is too many. Not ever again.

Under the cut is the (as of this post) current list of the names we know. In loving memory; may these murders be the last:

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