Because You Aren't Autistic

NT privilege is being able to play your favourite social video-game without being constantly confronted with people using your neurotype as an insult.

I have two friends who raid in World of Warcraft. One is neurotypical and has no problem finding a raid guild because he doesn’t care if people use the r-word or “autistic” as insults when someone does something wrong.

The other is neurodivergent and usually spends a grand total of 2 weeks in a raiding guild before he ends up being kicked for being “too sensitive” about people implying his brain wiring is the worst thing you could ever have. He’s given up on finding a raiding guild.

Our first friend doesn’t see the problem the second one has with finding a raiding guild, and constantly goes on about how much he’s enjoying raiding.

#learning disabled

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    I have the utmost respect for this statement.
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    Deciding between my comics subscriptions and WoW is not an easy choice.
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    I might check out WoW if an autistic guild comes up. Once I get a good enough computer, anyways. When that day comes,...
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    I might too, depending on who’s in it.
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    Same! We would be the most awesome group ever!
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    I might have to learn to play WoW if there’s gonna be an all-autistic raiding guild.
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    In case anyone is wondering, Gamut Gaming Group is basically this for GW2. I’m the only autistic member so far I think,...
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    I had the same problem and eventually quit WoW due to a gaslighting guild leader. I wound up on Guild Wars 2, and while...
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